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Thank you for viewing our Testimonials from Owners and Tenants! 


We believe that testimonials are very important to our business and our success. They're an assurance to others that we will go above and beyond to make them a satisfied client.   

Please see reviews on google, yelp, Angie's List and Zillow from our current and past clients. We hope they show owners that we'll do our best in qualifying tenants that will pay on time and who will take care of their property inside and out.

And, for tenants, owners hire us not only to find and qualify good tenants but they want to ensure that your rights are protected, that we follow the laws that protect each of you.  Thank you.

Owner:  They do a great job. We unfortunately had a tenant in a situation where they had to break their lease and they were able to get a new tenant in place without any income loss (full review on Angie's List).  Hunter C

Owner:  Judy is professional, attentive and is responsive to the needs of the tenant as well as the home owner. She has a tremendous network of home service companies that she utilizes to keep the property running well (full review on Angie's List)  S Delaney

Owner:  Great, wonderful and very professional. A tenant was secured in a short amount of time Judy provided a list of items for the property in order to get it back in good condition and has contacts for providers and various services (full review on Angie's List).  Barbara W

Owner:  Best Choice are extremely easy to work with. They were able to keep my property filled with tenants throughout the last 5 years until I decided to sell (full review on Google). J Long

Tenant:  My family moved from FL, found it difficult to navigate the rental landscape virtually. Judy made is easy to apply, be accepted and move in. Had a seamless move in process. Repairs are completed quickly (full review on Google).  H Norton

Owner:  We lived outside the country and trusted Best Choice to manage the rental of our home including advertising, screening potential renters and keeping up with repairs. They did all of that and more (full review on Angie's  List).  P Anderson 

Tenant:  I had been looking for a house to move into after my landlord of 13 yrs sold their house. Every time I would call a place to see if they had any rentals and I would get this response "everything we have is on our website". I had been looking over 3 months. I called 3 places and Judy was the FIRST PERSON that actually took time out to talk to me (full review on Angie's List).  A Gagne 

Tenant:  I have been renting from Best Choice for past year and I highly recommend them to anyone. They were very courteous and professional through entire process (full review on Google).  Adam C

Owner:  Best Choice is great, easy to work with and have found really nice tenants for our rental home. Reliable and trustworthy (full review on Google).  Gracie H

Owner:  Simply amazing, pleasure to work with. Punctuality, response time and helpfulness (full review on Zillow).  Arooj N

Owner:  Terrific to work with. You don't realize how great a management company is until you use them (full review on Angie's List).  J Wise

Tenant:  My family have been a tenant of Best Choice for a while. I've been very pleased with their response to my communication and service requests, they have always been polite and professional (full review on Google). Jeremy K 

Tenant:  We rented a house through Best Choice for 3 yrs. They were always very professional (full review on Google and Angie's List). Julie H 

Tenant:  They are quick to respond to any problem or need I have. Great since I moved in (full review on Angie's List).  T Tate

Owner:  Worked with Becky, found tenant in 2 weeks, very professional (full review on Angie's List).

S Walker

Owner:  Found renter very quickly, professional and do excellent job (full review on Angie's List).  J Trice

Owner:  Judy performs detailed background checks, routinely does physical check-ups of the property and send photographs (full review on Angie's List).  R Epps

Owner:  Best Choice took over after one of the worst tenants ever vacated our single family rental just before Thanksgiving 2015. Couldn't be happier with their professional work, service is outstanding (full review on google and they submitted review to Angie's List).  P Grammatis

Owner:  Judy and Becky manage 3 rental properties for me. I really appreciate their work ethic and response time. They are prompt, professional and fair (full review on Angie's List).  D Owens

Tenant:  Judy was very helpful to us in securing our current rental. She was knowledgeable and thorough in addition to how nice and professional she was (full review on Angie's List.  A Minnick

Tenant:  I have been renting over 13 years and truly impressed with Best Choice. I've been renting now for 3 years and any issue I have they have quickly resolved (full review on zillow).  Erica

Owner:  I am a property owner and of all the property mangers I have worked with over the years, Judy has provided the highest level of customer service, pleasure to work with. Judy is attentive to my tenants' needs (owner w 2 properties; full review on zillow).  M Lewis

Tenant:  I need to move in a short time span and Becky helped me to move in 2 weeks, been great the last 2 years I've been with them (full review on zillow).  Stephanie

Owner:  Been working with Judy for 5 years, one of the most professional people out there. She qualifies my tenants and has been extremely attentive to all details. I have used 3 other management companies but once I found Judy my worries were gone (full review on zillow and she submitted review on yelp).

K Pineda

Owner:  They have been managing my property for 9 months. I get a check each month and they inspect the property to make sure the renters were taking care of the house. They are very professional and do an excellent job (full review on Angie's List).  John T 

Tenant:  I've been renting from Best Choice for last few years, very helpful and promptly respond to any question/concern I have (full review on zillow).  Ashley

Owner:  Best Choice helped us find tenants and very responsive for us and our tenants to solve problems (full review on zillow).  Dan

Owner:  Judy did a terrific job finding a tenant and in service for the two years I rented my home. She is always a phone call away (full review on zillow).  Gary Schnurr

Owner:  Working with Best Choice has been a delight. They manage our home in Simpsonville while we live in Ohio. Best Choice has defined personal service (full review on google).  Scott and Carey

Tenant:  They genuinely care about their tenants, rented over 2 years with them, never unprofessional and respect their tenant's privacy (full review on google).  Tysha

Owner:  Best Choice has managed my property for the last few years and I couldn't be happier with their service and attention to detail (full review on google).  B Bollinger

Tenant:  Been a pleasure to work with since 2013, whenever we have questions for Judy or Becky, they respond the same day or first thing the next morning (full review on google and Angie's List).  C Butterfield

Tenant:  I have rented from many different management companies and Best Choice is by far the Best Choice! They have always communicated with me in  timely, professional and friendly manner (full review on google).Kristin M

Tenant:  AWESOME! Always been there for us whenever we needed them, from the first day. Always a phone call and text away and never had to wait for a response about any question. It has been a pleasure to be a tenant.  Noah

Owner:  Timely and committed to meeting my property management needs. Can be counted on to handle any issue.  F Baker

Owner:  Completely satisfied with the service provided. Went above and beyond to help resolve problems that had arisen, very professional and responsive.  Dan and Cheri

Owner:  Met with Judy and same night she had someone doing a drive by. In less than a week we had signed contract for several hundred dollars more than our mortgage. Great to work with and the few issues that we ran into with our house, has always given us great advice.  Jeff Moore

Tenant:  Very helpful. Very pleasant to deal with and great communication between them and the owner. Work ethic is well above average. And, we love the property we're in.  Matt and Monica

Owner:  Wonderful asset, truly dedicated to helping you find your renter(s). Never had to wait long for a return call or email. Felt comfortable leasing the house with them and thankful they work for me.  Ruth 

Owner:  Very responsive. Found tenant for our rental property within 2 days after signing up. Payments are received on time each month. Pleasant experience.  M Gilbert 

Owner:  Becky has always been fantastic! She always kept us informed every step along the way. When our property needed work to be done she knows honest, licensed people that got the work done correctly with reasonable rates. I have one less thing to worry about knowing she will take care of our property the way we would.  J White 

Owner:  Rented our home past 2 years and did a good job. Didn't have a problem finding tenants and got the right rental price for us.  Jerry 

Tenant:  Very professional and honest. Punctual understanding of a tenants' needs, great communicator. I would recommend to anyone who needs to rent a home.  J Herring 

Tenant:  Great to work with and help you find what you need. Highly recommend! Calls you back promptly and addresses your problems attentively.  Will 

Realtor:  Hard working and attention to details. Very reasonable when it comes to charging. Very knowledgeable about property management and good communication skills.  Nima 

Tenant:  The best!! This is the 2nd home with Best Choice. Responds immediately to your needs. Would recommend to anyone.  Karl

Owner:  Exceptional. Judy is attentive and always available. Goes above and beyond than any other management company I have ever used or known! Would work several hours on evenings and weekends for us. Truly appreciate the service and friendship to clients, both owners and tenants.  Ditzel

Tenant:  We were new to Greer and were told of family events that were taking place in the area. Joel and Stephanie Gideon

Owner:  Becky has been helping me manage my property for the last 7+ years. Very attentive to myself and tenants. She far exceeds the excellent accolades, professional and personable at the same time. I consider myself very lucky to have her taking care of my property and has become a good friend to. I give her 5 out of 5 stars!!  P Noonan

Tenant:  Wonderful. Always helpful and very easy to work with.  Chris and Shannon Land

Tenant:  Thanks for being such a wonderful landlord.  Sheri

Tenant:  Very helpful during the rental process and responds to calls very well.  Erica Long and Justin Marsala

Tenant:  Always a pleasure to work with and take care of my concerns really quick.  Jay Deason

Tenant:  Made the tenant process easy and we love the house.  Will DeBouver and Marie Pitts

Owner:  Company has been a pleasure to deal with, extremely pleased.  Jim Crane 

Owner:  Responded to questions and concerns in a timely manner.  Laura Sautter

Tenant:  BCPM is the best property management company we've ever dealt with, went above and beyond. Clay and Jennifer Brookins
Owner:  Judy has excellent levels of commitment and high levels of dedication.  We are very grateful for all the hard work we received and looking forward to working with her in the near future.  Justa Hermina and Reinaldo Riveria  

Owner:  Judy has gone beyond what I would have expected to make everything work out.  She worked tirelessly to get our home rented to a good quality tenant and it happened very quickly.  We had a problem with a furnace malfunctioning and distributed soot throughout the house.  Judy took the situation, negotiated with the insurance company and vendors and got the home back in a livable state.  Daniel W Dunham

Owner:  Judy has done a great job taking care of my property. I would recommend her services without reservations.  Harold Graves

Tenant:  Judy has provided excellent services, her replies are prompt and is immediately proactive to resolve any issues.  Erin Halperin

Owner:  Anytime the tenant had an issue she informed me immediately with suggested solutions. I highly recommend her.  Michael Adcock, CPA

Owner:  Judy answered my calls promptly and quickly found a good tenant. She'd notify me when there were problems and acted on them quickly which made myself and my tenant happy. Whether you're an owner or a tenant, you'd be in good hands.  Pauline Southorn

Owner:  I have enjoyed working with Judy, she can handle any task. She always looks after the tenants with ease.  John and Brenda Durand 

Owner:  Her process was efficient and very friendly and I always feel she has my back. Her communication style is upfront and direct - a quality which I admire.  Regina A Leggiere

Tenant:  We were looking not only for a home for our family but someone that we could count on to be reliable and honest throughout our rental term. Judy has that and more. She would go beyond what her job entailed to make sure we were accommodated.  Natasha Hawthorne   

Owner:  Judy worked with my tenants to make their obligations to me easier to reach by having them switch from monthly to biweekly payments. Lots of people do an okay job when you hire them but few and far between are people like Judy who go above and beyond what is expected of them. The things that Judy did to accommodate our tenant situation was far above the call of duty. If you decide to do business with her, you will not be sorry.  Debra Ennis

Tenant:  It has been a great pleasure to know Judy for over a year and has proven to be the best manager through her quick response times. She is not just dedicated to her work but is devoted to the property owner's and tenant's needs.  Kyle & Julissa Cox

Tenant:  Judy is very professional and on the ball. I would recommend her to be anyone's property manager and I would love to have her back as ours.  Turbocat 

Realtor:  Very dependable, personable, honest and articulate. Cannot say enough good things about Judy.
Diane Shattuck

Client/Seller:  I have not met anyone in real estate who is as professional, knowledgeable and efficient as Judy. Unbelievable work ethic and integrity.  Garrett Stephens