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                                    WE NEED MORE VACANT HOMES!!

                                              "OWNER MANAGEMENT" OR "INSPECTIONS ONLY".
                                          HOW CAN WE HELP YOU WITH YOUR VACANT HOME??

OWNERS:  Whether you choose us to rent and manage your home or someone else, it's important to hire someone that you feel will do the best for your specific needs.  Let us know if we  can help you in any way with your vacant home.

Best Choice Property Management, LLC specializes in RENTALS for single family homes, townhomes and condos. Our coverage areas include all of Greenville and Pickens Counties, parts of Anderson, Laurens and Spartanburg Counties.

We offer a variety of services to our clients OR we may be able to modify our services to meet your requirements.  Since we manage only rentals and not HOA communities, it gives us the opportunity to work closer with the owner to help determine the type of service they need and continue the relationship throughout the tenancy.

Plus, if you're an owner who prefers to manage your own property, we can assist you with the most time consuming aspects. We will do your advertising, scheduling and showing your home, qualify your tenants, prepare your documents and complete the inspections. Once the tenant is ready to move in, we hand the property back over to you. You'll be involved every step of the way, to your satisfaction. 

Or, if you happen to be an Owner with a vacant home on the market as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), we can work with you simutaneously while we market it For Rent.         

Having a good management company to oversee your vacant home can be a great asset.  We want our owners to feel confident when they hire us, that we'll do our best in finding a qualified tenant that will treat the property with care.  And, we'll be there for tenants in finding them the perfect home and assisting them throughout the process.

Please visit our "Testimonial" page for references from owners and tenants.

It would give us great pleasure to answer any questions you may have. 

Feel free to call Judy at 864.569.5009, email at  or complete our "Contact Us" to receive more specified information regarding your vacant home.

If you should have any questions regarding financials, how your payments are structured or how our vendors are paid, please call Becky, Financial Officer, at 864.940.9784 or email her at

                                                                    We'll do our best to earn your respect!

Judy Buss and Becky Rishe


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